The total redesign of ELEET for the iOS platform!

Completely new design of ELEET on the iOS platform – opens a new stage in the development of ELEET Private Messenger More modern. Easier. More clearly.   The new ELEET design for the iOS platform […]

The global ELEET updating for the Android!

The Eleet starts a global redesign. Change of a logo and the corporate style was the first step. After this, the ELEET version changed to the Android version . Meet new design and new functions […]

Eleet Private Messenger – the Crypto-wallet is here!

A crypto-wallet built in the ELEET is run. You can send and receive bitcoin in a chat with a talk partner. The Bicoin wallet is created on the basis of with an open source […]

Eleet News: multiplatform cryptocurrency wallet is near at hand

We hurry to report the great news, the essence of which is reflected in the title. Yes, soon Eleet Private Messenger will have a cryptocurrency wallet. And it will work on all the platforms for which our app is available.

How does Eleet help in non-standard situations?

The level of communication security that has been achieved in Eleet Private Messenger, and those features to protect your privacy, which are embedded in it, are difficult to call standard for modern messengers.

The true multiplatformity of Eleet

You probably know that Eleet Private Messenger is a multiplatform application: you can use it on a large number of mobile gadgets or on computers that are managed by different operating systems.

What is best for an Eleet user: iOS or Android?

As you probably know, Eleet Private Messenger is a multi-platform application. And, of course, it is available to users of the two most popular mobile operating systems: iOS and Android.

Illusions of security

Recently, organizers of the dissemination of information in Russia were obliged to collect and transmit information about users.

Eleet Private Messenger: For your safety

While encryption is the basis for protection of any messenger, the cryptographic system alone does not solve the problem. And our team, which is virtually obsessed with information security, introduced many interesting solutions into Eleet.

Eleet Private Messenger – usability and safety in any situation

The first talk messenger appeared in 1982. Since that time smart applications have been evolved and improved offering the users wider functionality and efficient level of data protection.