A crypto-wallet built in the ELEET is run. You can send and receive bitcoin in a chat with a talk partner. The Bicoin wallet is created on the basis of bitcore.io with an open source code which directly uses the Bitcoin code and provides a natural communication with a blockchain. We are at work on the Ethereum and other crypto currency ERC20 implementation.

The key which you create for your wallet is private. It is achieved thanks to its storage only on your device, in other words, locally.


How is made the transfer of money in the Eleet Private Messenger ?

The transfer is made according to the scheme:

1. Firstly, a transaction is generated on the user’s device;

2. Further, the transfer is confirmed by an electronic key;

3. The information of the transaction is sent to the bitcoin network.

What are the advantages of the crypto wallet eleet private messenger?

The information is not made public that guarantees anonymity;

A bitcoin identifier is received on the server in the form of 64-digit code which allows to monitor new blocks in the bitcoin network. If a transfer is successful, the block with the necessary transaction creates in the system; then, the receiver and the sender are informed about the change of the block status;

If the transaction was realized incorrectly, you get the notification of a mistake which reports that there were other receiver or sender in the identifier;

The Bitcore technology, which is the base of the wallet, ensures high safety.

The Eleet has a convenient intuitive interface thanks to which the user can easy and quick adjust own bitcoin wallet.


What else?

1. A convenient sending crypto currency right in a chat with a talk partner. The process of sending doesn’t differ from the sending a simple message. You choose the amount of money which you want to send, you confirm your sending, and the talk partner receives the money sent to the wallet in the chat.

2. The display of all transaction statuses in a chat. Talk partners see the statuses of all transactions (incoming and outgoing) with the number of confirmations of the network for each payment in a chat.

3. The opportunity to choose the most convenient commission of the network. It gives the user an opportunity to decide by himself to use a high commission for making a fast transaction or to choose a lower one with a view to economy in case when the speed of sending doesn’t play a crucial role.

4. The opportunity to send crypto currency both to the Bitcoin wallet and to the unique ID of the ELEET user.

The ELEET Wallet is an unrivaled level of protection of your funds and information.

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