The level of communication security that has been achieved in Eleet Private Messenger, and those features to protect your privacy, which are embedded in it, are difficult to call standard for modern messengers. And that is why our application is able to help in many unusual situations.

Today we would like to consider what uncommon issues can be solved by Eleet. This is an important topic because using a truly safe messenger is not a matter of paranoia (“I’m being watched, I need better protection”). On the contrary: such app must address very specific practical challenges. Eleet gives you the opportunity to be anonymous and stay protected from outside interference. And you can use it in a variety of ways.

Like what? There are few examples below.

A SIM card to start communicating

Let’s start with a simple one. Many people who had spent some time abroad faced the problem of acquiring a local SIM card. Lately, this issue became more complicated, especially in Europe.

Suppose you need a new account for communication purposes while abroad. However, all popular social networks and messengers, except our app, require a valid mobile phone number to register. Of course, you can solve the problem by asking help from someone you know, but it is much easier with Eleet.

A similar situation may arise simply due to the absence of the documents for a particular SIM-card for whatever reason. We have refused to bind to a mobile phone number to ensure anonymity: well, the lack of a link between your documents and registration in the messenger simplifies life.

Private profiles

Not everyone understands why Eleet needs private IDs – child IDs in relation to the primary one. It would seem that the messenger is as safe as possible: why do you need to create one more or even several secure accounts “inside” the primary account, which is already totally secure?

In fact, this feature is very much in demand: first of all, because a private ID can be easily deleted without leaving any traces as if it did not exist at all. It seems easy to hide personal information in case something unwanted went through the private ID.

Also, the set of private profiles is a great substitute for the large number of “fake accounts” in social networks, which are far less convenient to use (and which are more difficult to get rid of).

Anonymous chats

The ability to create anonymous chats also sometimes raises questions: what for?.. There is no such feature in other popular messengers, and some of them even don’t let you hide your mobile number from your talk partner. And these applications are positioned as “safe” too?

Nevertheless, sometimes it is important to keep anonymity, not just from the perspective of the conventional “big brother”. In many cases, you need to hide your identity particularly from a talk partner, and creation of a new “fake” account is not always possible.

You can create an anonymous chat in any situation where you don’t trust your talk partner or you don’t want to leave your contacts to him. There are many examples of this.

For example, sale and purchase on online trading platforms: why leave your number to someone you never plan to communicate with? This kind of chat is useful in many work-related situations – sometimes it is better to have a specific negotiation without real identities and names. Eventually, anonymous conferences make the process of finding new friends and dating online easier — you always have a chance to take the mask off.

Reliable “invisibility”

Not all social networks and messengers have an “invisible” mode, and even if it is provided by developers, it often is not too reliable. But if a user of Eleet Private Messenger wants to become “invisible” – nobody will notice him online, no matter what.

A great way to avoid unwanted communication without causing a negative response from your buddies: oh well, you just “were offline”. Equally useful both at work (in case of intrusive top management or clients) and in personal life.

PIN to delete

The ability to completely delete the correspondence and data, leaving a “clean” account by a simple input of a PIN… why would you need that? Of course, for some critical situations where the user will be prompted to enter a PIN to delete, which looks like a simple password, destroying the information in secret from anyone watching.

But how can this happen in practice? For example, in case you have serious inspections at work. Who will want to disclose personal information, contained on the device (such as, say, intimate correspondence), to some checking authorities? Or anything else, totally not intended to someone else’s eyes.

All of the above examples contain the root for understanding why you actually need privacy on the Internet. This idea is being criticized today, but in reality, anonymity and privacy are completely natural human rights.

And our task is to give people the opportunity to exercise these rights through Eleet Private Messenger. Privacy is limited in today’s world, primarily due to the unwillingness of most IT companies to care about it. We think totally different.

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