The only thing you should do to log in CorpChat Private Messenger is creating a password. Secondly, you may write a nickname which is optional. Finishing registration you get a unique ID number (the form “XX000000”) with which your friends and acquaintances can find and add you. Please note that for security purposes and effective protection of your account from intentional tampering there is no function of restoring and changing of the password. Use your unique ID number and password for logging in the app.

Finishing registration you get a unique ID number which provides a full range of unlimited communication capabilities with CorpChat Private Messenger service users. A unique ID number is generated randomly; it is impossible to pick it up. The assigned ID number cannot be changed. However, on configuration page it’s possible to create multiple (up to three) Private IDs.

What is a Private ID? In fact there’s almost no difference between Private ID and permanent ID numbers. The only difference is that a Private ID has the form of exclusively digital dial. As for the rest, it’s a complete replacement of the permanent ID. To create it go to “My ID” section. Private ID has the same features as the permanent one. You may assign to it a Username and upload a profile photo. Note that there is a limit to the creation of Private ID numbers – no more than 3 per day. The Private ID allows you to communicate freely with any service users up to the moment of the identifier removal. After removal the contact assigned to the ID gets unavailable for other users. When deleting the Private ID the whole chat history is deleted from your device and from the devices of users with whom correspondence took place. To switch between the IDs use the drop-down list available on every screen in the application.

Contact List displays all the users that you added in the application by their ID numbers as well as contacts from your phone book if they also use CorpChat Private Messenger (you can activate synchronization on the settings screen). Users’ contact contains his name and surname or his Nickname, profile photo and ID number (permanent or temporary). To start chatting just click on the user’s nickname in the contacts list and the chat with him will open. Sync contacts from the phonebook are marked byphone-book-icons.For detailed information about the contact justclick on it.The displayed information about the contact contains name or nickname, ID number and phone number (for synchronized contacts). You can rename the added contacts to your liking. It is important that in notifications of new messages a nickname of the sender will be displayed outside of the app. Use the “Search” to quickly find a contact in your list.

To add a new contact use a special key “+” which is located at the top of the screen. After clicking you get to the screen of contact adding. Here you’ll see a field for entering the ID of your partner (any type of ID) whom you must add to your private list and a switch-button between all existing ID. Selecting a specific ID you select the list in which the person you are looking for will be added. All identifiers have their own lists of contacts. However it is possible to simultaneously add one user in several lists. In case the message was received from the source which is not in your contact list, click the “i” button next to the login and you will immediately add it to a selected list.

The screen “Chats” contains all your personal and group chats. Each ID number has its own list of chats which took place using this or any other ID number. The screen allows you to communicate with your colleagues and friends, create groups and control all existing IDs. To start a conversation click on the Name of the selected user in the “Contacts” and start messaging. After this the dialogue will be displayed automatically in the “Chats”. Use the “Search” to quickly find a particular chat or a group.

To create a group for communication go to the “Chats” and press the button located in the upper right corner of the page. CorpChat Private Messenger offers you a wide range of groups: standard, anonymous, temporary. When you create a standard group just enter its name and invite the users to communicate in it. The participants of this group are available to everyone as well as their ID. Communicating via the anonymous group a user is able to change his username or use an existing one before logging in. Chat participants are visible to everyone, but their ID numbers are hidden. As for the temporary group it ha sa different process of its creation. First of all, you need to set the exact time after which the group will get removed from all devices deleting its chat history in this group chat. The great advantage is the possibility of combining the two modes in the same group: “anonymous” and “temporary” ones.

CorpChat Private Messenger provides its users the full range of options for communication or sending files in a chat. You can send messages, photos and videos as well as record and send audio files.

Each sent message has its status in a chat. The status is written inside the message next to the sending time. Two tick marks indicate that a message or a file has been sent. Two green tick marks indicate that a message or file was viewed. If there is an error in sending you’ll see the exclamation mark inside the message.

CorpChat Private Messenger provides safety even in such simple actions as deleting. To delete a contact or conversation slide your finger on the screen to the left and click the button “X” that appears. Note that when you remove the group you created it also gets removed from all participants’ devices. If you don’t want to receive notifications from the group – turn it off or just leave the group. If you are a member of a group chat you automatically leave it by deleting the chat. Private ID removal is carried out on “My ID” screen by pressing the “X”. Be careful! Removing the  Private ID you delete all the data assigned to it as well as all its chat both from your device and the devices of its participants. Be careful as you may delete important content.

The functionality of the application settings is very extensive.
Use the options to customize the application to suit your needs.
Here you can change your profile photo, nickname, link your phone number.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Use chat settings to make your communication more convenient and comfortable. Here you can choose the font size, change the chat background, setting privacy, etc. With CorpChat Private Messenger you choose your circle of contacts yourself. The “Black list” protects you from annoying people and helps to stay undisturbed. The users added in the “Black list” cannot send you messages. You can also unblock the contact in this section if you wish. After removing the contact from the “Blacklist” it appears in your contacts list again.

You may find the password settings  in the Settings section.
Password – here you can change your current password entering the current password and a new one. Don’t use easy passwords as it reduces the security level of your account.

Using CorpChat App you may link your phone number to your unique ID number received during the  registration. After linking with the phone number your contact gets synchronized with your ID on your friends’ devices. As a result your name in the contact list of your friend is displayed the same as in his device contacts list. Linking of your number is done by confirmation via SMS. Phone number linking does not affect the way of application entrance.

Notification Settings Menu allows you to turn off notifications from the Private ID or group chats. Use these settings to set up comfortable communication in CorpChat Private Messenger.

In CorpChat Private Messenger the encryption technology is used from one device to another leaving no traces on the server and able to self-destruct at the appointed by the user time. Now you can freely communicate with people anywhere in the world without fear of information leakage. All messages in the application are encrypted and not stored on the server. To protect users data Protocol EL337 is being used which is the advanced version of the TextSecure Method. During each session the user gets several pairs of generated keys, public and private ones. Public keys can be sent to other users, the private one remains only on the user’s device. When communicating with someone a shared encryption key is created through a special algorithm. To exclude the substitution of keys the user can compare digital key print with the one his partner sent. CorpChat Private Messenger will ensure the security of your correspondence and personal data.

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