You probably know that Eleet Private Messenger is a multiplatform application: you can use it on a large number of mobile gadgets or on computers that are managed by different operating systems.

Implementation of multi-platform capabilities was challenging, but an important and interesting task for our team. What was the complexity? For sure, many readers have already guessed.

It’s all about data protection. A key feature of the messenger, which is the focus on the highest information security, has placed us in the need to comply with the declared plank on any operating system.

What ways and how successfully did Eleet developers solve the problem? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

On which platforms does Eleet work?

There are currently five versions of the product. Our application runs on the following operating systems:

– iOS (starting from 8.0, on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch);

– Android (starting from 4.0.3);

– Windows (beta version)

– Mac OS (beta version);

– Linux (32-bit and 64-bit versions, beta version).

Why did we choose these platforms?

In our view, it was equally important to create a desktop version for all three operating system families that are currently being used by real private users. Many developers simply forget the not-too-popular Linux and focus only on operating systems from Microsoft and Apple.

Sometimes, even just one of them. Authors from Asia often ignore computers from Apple, while their American counterparts are not always interested to work with Windows. We think differently.

Linux has always been particularly popular among those, who care a lot about a high level of information security. Thus, Linux users are part of the audience for which Eleet Private Messenger was created!

As for the mobile platforms, iOS and Android are certainly not the only operating systems available on the market. However, the vast majority of mobile devices around the globe work under these operating systems. The important thing is that you can install Eleet even on the considered outdated iOS 8, but provided with a compatible operating system on device of any type (smartphone, tablet, media player).

It turns out that virtually anyone can use Eleet Private Messenger on their gadget – agree, today only a few prefer Blackberry or Windows Phone. But then another question arises: is the messenger equally good on any of the accessible systems?

Different platforms, equal protection

First of all, we mean the issue of security. After all, Eleet was created by us as the most secure Internet communication tool that provides the highest protection for your personal information.

That is why ensuring multiplatform capabilities became a difficult challenge for developers. Our team had to accomplish non-trivial fact – ensure that the application is equally good in terms of user protection in various environments.

Because each operating system is unique in its own way: both in a good and a bad way. iOS, Windows, or Android – any of these platforms has its own weaknesses, different “pitfalls” that need to be taken into account during the process of development.

Have we coped with this task? It was not easy, but we did it.

We responsibly declare that no security aspects of Eleet change depending on the platform on which you are using the messenger. Each version has a core set of available features, encryption is implemented in the same way at the same level, and all general principles of the product are preserved.

It doesn’t matter which device you install our app on, or on how many devices you are going to use it simultaneously. The key to ensuring the equal protection of your data is not only a great knowledge of the nuances of the different operating systems. Eleet was originally conceptually built to demonstrate the maximum efficiency in any software environment.

Our plans

We are currently testing the web version of the messenger, after which the full multi-platform capabilities issue will be practically resolved: you will be able to use Eleet in your browser after connecting to the Internet from any device.

And it will be as safe as ever. Our guidelines and principles do not change. As for the individual versions of the operating systems that are not yet covered: there are no such plans yet. Eleet Private Messenger is already available on all popular platforms, and there is no reason to expect changes to this list.

At least for the foreseeable future.

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