As you probably know, Eleet Private Messenger is a multi-platform application. And, of course, it is available to users of the two most popular mobile operating systems: iOS and Android. And this is where many have a very expected question.

It is known that there are many years of uncompromising rivalry between iOS and Android, including the title of the most secure operating system on mobile devices. So on which device will it be safer to use our messenger: on iPhone, or on some Android-gadget?

Let’s figure this out. To begin with, let us say a few words about the operating systems themselves.

Apple and Robot

For a long time, iOS was considered a more secure mobile OS than its primary competitor. Partly the reason for this was the efforts of Apple programmers, partly – simply closed source and relatively low prevalence of system, which, until a certain time, made the work of hackers with iOS meaningless.

It can be said that the “Apple” platform did not have any malicious software for a long time.

Android, on the contrary, had a rather dubious security reputation in those times. An open-source system that gives more rights to the user (and thus to an attacker) has attracted a broad audience from the beginning, and therefore became the target of hackers. In addition, Android has always had a significant fragmentation problem: devices stop receiving up-to-date updates very quickly.

But now the situation is less ambiguous. The growing popularity of iOS led to a serious attack on its protection, and Android took serious steps forward. As long as the Apple’s operating system is still considered more secure, the gap is not as large as it used to be.

This is with regard for hackers: ordinary criminals, industrial espionage, and all that. And what about the authorities?

Apple publicly states that it does not have access to user correspondence, does not provide the authorities with access to the locked devices, does not provide any data … And yet, the events of the recent time (like the story with iPhone 5C, information from which was required by FBI) have forced to treat such words with skepticism.

Google, in turn, doesn’t even promise to be completely secure. So the use of Eleet Private Messenger designed precisely to maximize the protection of your data and full privacy is a necessity, not a whim.

It is time to move on to the question stated in the title of the article.

Is there any difference for Eleet?

No. All the differences between iOS and Android, including those that affect the different security nuances of these platforms, are completely indifferent to Eleet users. Our app provides the same level of protection for your personal data on your iPhone and on any Android device. Both from attacks by a regular hacker and from the interference of the state in your privacy.

Why is it so?

Because we rely only on our own strengths, and not on the platform features for the provision of information security for a user. Eleet team assumes responsibility without direction for everything that it does for creating the safest messenger. Instead of relying on the work of engineers from Apple and Google.

Furthermore, we don’t accept any compromises in regard to protecting personal user data. Our application uses the same encryption measures in a more secure iOS environment, as it does in Android. Possibly, it is redundant for the “Apple” platform, but there is never too much security.

As for the wide range of additional features of Eleet Private Messenger designed to provide full privacy (like the PIN for deletion, anonymous chats, and so on), their effectiveness does not depend on the operating system is in use.

The same can be said of such vitally important advantage of our messenger, as registration without a mobile phone number.

So what are we to advise?

Perhaps some are not satisfied with the answer “there is no difference whether to use Eleet on iOS or Android”, although it is absolutely true. Suppose you have an iPhone and an Android tablet: where to install the application?

For people who are serious about information security, we still advise iOS: this system is still more reliable than competitors. It will not have any impact on the operation of our app: but all your other data, not transmitted through Eleet and not stored in it, will be more secure.

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